Friday, 29 of September of 2023


Scoresheets are quite important.    Inquiring minds anticipate detailed reports on games, and the latest standings with bated breath.  So get yours in as soon as possible.  You can email them to or use the nifty uploader on the right hand side of this page.

Also, in 2010 with hopes of better organization and consistency the NNHSL moved to using a standardized scoresheet.

Please download a copy of the NNHSL standardized scoresheet here


So, I’ve downloaded a scoresheet… but how do you use this thing??

There have been a fair amount of questions regarding the proper way of scoring a base/softball game with pencil and paper.  Here are a few links that should be quite helpful to those brave enough.  I highly recommend learning as since I’ve learned, I love to keep score at the White Sox games.

The Art of Manliness:  Scoring Baseball

The Baseball Scorecard:  Scoring : Scoring Baseball

Major League Baseball:  Keeping Score

Wikipedia: Baseball Scorekeeping