Friday, 29 of September of 2023


Download a .pdf copy of the rules here




1.         A team must have at least 9 players on the field or the opposing team can call for a forfeit.  A team can’t have any more than 10 players (the preferred amount) on the field at any one time.  In this league, co-ed participation is mandatory.   A team needs at least 3 members of each sex on the field at all times or the opposing team can call for a forfeit.  3 slots in the batting order must be designated for female players.  Males may not bat for them.  In the event a team fields 7 women and 3 men, the opposite holds true


2.         One or two additional hitters (AH) may be used (as an option) in the batting order, bringing the total line-up to 11 or 12 batters.  These line-up spots must be communicated to the opposing team, and umpire, before the game begins.  The AH has the same privileges as any other player, and can switch with any player playing a field position without changing their spot in the batting order.


3.         The first game starts at 6:00 p.m.  In order to get the second game in, a new inning can’t start in the 1st game after 7:15 p.m.  If a game is suspended due to time or darkness, a reasonable effort to reschedule the game will be made.  If a game can’t be made up, the play off seeding will reflect the standings without the game.  A game is official if 3 ½ innings are played with the home team winning or 4 complete innings. A game that is rescheduled will start from the beginning. It doesn’t matter who was winning, who was up, etc.


4.         The umpire can call a forfeit if 15 minutes after game time, if one or more teams don’t have enough players to begin a game.  If a game doesn’t start on time, the Team Captains should meet with the umpire at game time to agree on the exact time.  The players must be present at the diamond, not in the parking lot or on their way.  In the event of a double forfeit, a loss will be assessed to each team.  Please be courteous to the other teams by being on time, changing sides quickly at the end of a 1/2 inning and do not dawdle when a batter is due up.


5.         If the scheduled umpire fails to show, the teams have the option to play or have the game rescheduled.  While an effort will be made to get all the games in, rain outs will have a higher priority if rescheduling conflicts occur.


6.         The home team is responsible for the bases and a new ball.  If the home team fails to provide these, the visitors can call for a forfeit.  Bases must be regulation 15” canvas bases.  Bases must be spiked securely into the ground.  An extra first base pad is now mandatory, although there will not be requirement on how thick it is. The pad must also be secured to the ground.


7.         A team asking for the forfeit should inform the umpire as soon as the reason for the forfeit becomes known.  If play begins or continues for some time after the forfeit event occurs, a team gives up its right for the forfeit.


8.         No metal cleats allowed.  Umpires should check the shoes of each player prior to the start of the game.


9.         Men can’t wear gloves in the field.  “Gloves” include batting gloves, fingerless gloves, etc.  Only tape, bandages, etc. are allowed on a man’s hands.  Women can wear gloves.


10.       An at bat begins with a 1-1 count.  The batter is allowed 1 foul ball with 2 strikes before striking out.


11.       An unhit pitch must arc or it’s a ball.  An arc must be at least 6 feet high, but no higher than 15 feet.


12.       The pitcher must deliver the ball within 20 seconds after receiving it .  The umpire can call a ball if, in his judgement, the pitcher is taking too much time.


13.       A pitcher may take 1 step off the rubber in any direction prior to pitching the ball.


14.       If in the umpire’s judgment a walk is intentional, the umpire will award the following batter a walk as well.


15.       Once the batter is in the batter’s box, the batter may only step out one time.


16.       In the event that a player has a physical malady, they can request a courtesy runner.  The courtesy runner should be the member of the same sex that made the last out.  If a same sex player is unavailable (bases loaded with women, for example), the opposing team gets to select the opposite sex courtesy runner.  If a team intends on using a courtesy runner, they must inform the umpire and the opposing team before the game starts.  If there’s an injury during the game, the team must inform the umpire and the opposing team their intention to use a courtesy runner immediately after the event occurs.  The umpire will deny the use of a courtesy runner if a team is negligent in communicating the need prior the player being on base.


17.       If a base runner runs too hard into a base without sliding or tries to knock the ball out of a fielder’s hands in order to avoid a tag, the umpire can call that base runner out.


18.       A base runner can’t lead off.  A runner can’t leave a base until the ball is put in play by the batter.


19.       If a player taunts, trash talks or is overly obnoxious, the umpire may issue a warning.  A second warning may result in a player’s ejection from the game.


20.       The slaughter rule will be in effect if a team is winning by at least 20 runs and the losing team has batted in 3 innings, 17 runs in 4 innings, or 15 in at least 5 innings.


21.       Score sheets signed by the umpire must be turned into the commissioner, win or lose.  If sheets are not received by the Friday following the game, the players from those games will not receive credit towards the playoff roster.


22.       The players on your team should work for or closely with your property.  If a problem with ringers develops, the league reserves the right to ask for and enforce rosters.  LET’S TRY TO KEEP THIS ON THE HONOR SYSTEM.


23.       The top 8 teams will make the playoffs.  The playoff tournament will be seeded by final league standings.  In the event of a tie, the 1st tiebreaker is head to head competition.  The second tiebreaker is a coin flip.  High seed is the home team.


24.       To be eligible for the playoffs, a male player must have appeared in at least 3 regular season games and a female player 1.  Players must bring IDs to the playoffs.


25.       If a team wishes to protest a game, the umpire will indicate on both the winner’s and loser’s score sheets that the game is in dispute.  If the protest involves a potential illegal player, the commissioner will contact the hotel involved and that property must prove the legitimacy of the player or risk losing the protest decision and any subsequent game played with the illegal player.


26.       Should the umpire for any reason decide that a player needs to be ejected from the field of play, that player will be suspended for the remainder for that game as well as the following two on the schedule.  Should it be the last game of the season, the suspension will roll over to the next season.