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2013: Week 9 Update: SCHEDULE CHANGE!!

It’s official, in a year that saw the Chicago Park District shove us around repeatedly the hits just keep coming.    Apparently the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department got shoved around as well as their annual game got pushed off the table due to everyone’s favorite event, Lollapalooza.    They [firmly] requested that they can use one diamond this Friday and all in all I believe it worked out alright as we had an awkward week to make up for (week one) where we only needed one Diamond.    This way we end up pushing the season back a week, but also make up the one week it was already pushed back so technically we remain steady at one week over.

So, without further ado, all games scheduled for August 2nd, Week 9 will now be pushed back one week and are to be played on August 9th, Week 10.

Week 9 will instead feature the games that were unable to be played on opening day due to field conditions [below]

The schedule being pushed back one week will see our championship game played on September 6th.

For more information see:


2013: Westin Vs. Drake

2013: Cass Vs. Wit

2013: Four Seasons Vs. Ritz

2013: ULC Vs Waldorf

Still no score sheets from either team, but the word on the street is that Waldorf won.


Waldorf 6 or 7

2013: Week 8

2013: Drake Vs. Ritz

2013: Omni Vs. ULC

2013: Fairmont Vs. Cass

2013: Four Seasons Vs. Westin